We see and care for quite a few faces at Peachy. No two of them are alike. The reality is there isn’t a set “type” for botox. What do our clients have in common? They recognize they have something special – their complexion! – and they’re going to someone they trust to help preserve the look they love. 

So, how to know if you’re a candidate for botox?

If you’re on the younger side and thinking ahead

Botox is preventative by definition. If you’re looking to maximize the benefits of preventative botox, we recommend starting treatment before any dynamic lines of the face turn to static ones. 

While this process begins between ages 25 and 30 for most, there is no universal window of time to get botox injections. Why? Because everyone’s skin matures at different speeds. The profile of aging skin further depends just as much on genetics and lifestyle factors like diet and smoking status as it does on day-to-day environmental exposures.

Whatever stage your lines might be at, botox is a great way to keep wrinkling at a minimum. (That’s how effective it is!) Anyone looking to prevent or lessen lines of the face can stand to benefit from botox.

If you have light wrinkles you want to reverse

Around age 25 your body starts to produce less collagen and elastin, the main ingredients for structure in skin. As one of the body’s most important proteins, collagen does just about everything. It shields delicate organs, aids bone structure, and plays a vital role in your skin’s renewal and repair. Less production coupled with breakdown from routine muscle contractions in the face is what causes wrinkles to surface. It’s also why catching wrinkles early is the best way to prevent them.

Find wrinkles showing up with your facial expressions? These are known as dynamic lines, meaning they “resolve” post-expression when the face is at rest. Left untreated, they will progress to fixed “static” lines, which remain even with the face at rest. While botox can effectively diminish and keep static lines from advancing further, prevention is the best medicine when it comes to wrinkles.

If you have existing lines around the eyes and forehead

Botox is especially beneficial if you have wrinkles located in the areas where botox is safe to treat: between the eyes, along the forehead, and crow’s feet. These three areas are the only ones approved by the FDA for treating wrinkles safely and effectively. 

If you’re wanting a total approach to prevention

While we can’t stop aging in skin, products like prescription retinoids and daily-use sunscreen do an excellent job of controlling the effects. If you’re looking to up your preventative regimen, then botox is the next step. Taken together, these three work to dramatically slow aging in skin by diminishing existing lines and preventing others from developing in the future. 

If you want a solution instead of cosmetic filler

Fillers are gel-like substances designed for injecting beneath the skin’s surface to add volume and fullness. Commonly they’re used to enhance facial features – cheek and lip augmentation, midfacial volumizing, and tear trough correction are a few. Most FDA-approved fillers are temporary and achieve a smoothing or “filling” effect that remains in the body for about six months.Fillers can be practical for correcting deeper wrinkling. However, they also carry greater risk of complications, cost more on average, and physically alter appearance in skin. 

Botox is a top alternative to filler. It’s less invasive, nonaltering, and far more affordable with fixed rate botox pricing. Where filler temporarily masks the appearance of wrinkles, acting as a stand-in for lost collagen, botox effectively reverses the formation of fine lines and prevents them from advancing further. 

What’s better than temporary fillers in place of collagen? More collagen.

As an FDA-approved treatment, Peachy’s prescription retinoids work on a cellular level to curb breakdown in collagen and elastin while boosting production. We use tretinoin for our formula, a time-tested retinoid available in three prescription strengths. 

If you’re making it part of your regimen

Effects from botox will gradually reduce over time as the body metabolizes the treatment. This is why routine treatments are essential to keep existing wrinkles from advancing and new ones from surfacing. As a general rule, the recommended frequency for botox is every three to four months. 

Does that mean botox is expensive? It doesn’t need to be! This will depend a great deal on where you’re going for treatment. For the more conventional practices that base service on the number of units your face needs, it is true that cost can get unaffordable, and quickly.

That isn’t our model.

Instead we’ve designed treatment with transparent, fixed-rate pricing: $425 for the amount you need. This makes treatment affordable and ensures your desired look – without the lofty price tag.

If you’re new to preventative skincare or just shopping around

New and experienced faces alike seek us out for our specialization in the field. From lighter lines to advanced wrinkling, we focus on one thing and do it very well. 

Better yet, every service, every offer we provide at Peachy ties back neatly to one essential ingredient that ensures safe, effective outcomes: proof through science. 

We think and treat holistically around wrinkle care, basing what we do on what’s grounded in research and known to bring remarkable outcomes. Our three-step application of FDA-approved botox, prescription retinoids, and daily-use sunscreen is a simple, yet sound approach to manage wrinkles at almost any stage. 

An approach to botox unlike any other

At Peachy, we see skincare for the journey it is, and not one to be rushed. In this way, botox at Peachy resembles a thoughtful haircut! 

The consultation

We begin the process by first learning about your skin. We analyze each area of the face with state-of-the-art AI imaging. This ensures a complete and precise profile of your line activity and where we should focus treatment, if you do decide botox is right for you

From there, you’ll work one on one with a board-certified provider of your choosing to discuss your complexion goals and address any questions along the way. Much of this comes down to balancing range of movement for expression with diminishment in lines.

Note: Transparency is important for us, and it's an area of care we excel at. We bring you along through each stage of appointment, from consultation to aftercare, ensuring that you're well apprised and comfortable with the treatment you’re getting.

Getting treatment

If you decide to go forward with treatment (hooray!) we then tailor dosing based on the goals you’ve decided on. We work responsively with your skin to uncover that special balance of “natural” yet “refined.”

Treatment takes about two weeks to peak, and from there it's a quick visit every three or four months to keep prevention ongoing.

Back to the question then – who gets botox? 

Contrary to modern folklore, caring for your face isn’t reserved for the self-obsessed (aren’t we all a bit?) or those seeking outside validation. 

In a word, it’s for anyone who wants it. And if complexion care has a place in defining what makes you the loveable, living distinction you are, then we think preventative botox is certainly worth considering.