Ever wondered about those outer lines showing around the eyes? Those are crow's feet, or “smile lines,” and they’re a byproduct of a complex facial muscle known as the orbicularis oculi. (We use it to close our eyes!) When activated, this muscle tightens around the eye, pulling the skin forward to give those characteristic furrows along the outer areas of the eyelid.

As our skin ages, it gradually loses elasticity through repeated, day-to-day movements and expressions. Smiling, laughing and squinting are all common contributors. 

In time, lines naturally become more pronounced, advancing from the “dynamic” lines that correct after an expression to “static” ones that remain when the face is at rest. 

We can’t keep our skin from aging. (If only!) But with the right preventative steps in place we can limit lines and preserve our complexion for the long-term. 

Treating crow’s feet

Relaxing wrinkles is a core part of preventing further line development. At Peachy we use Botox®, Xeomin®, Dysport®, and Jeuveau® – all FDA-approved treatments – to lessen already existing lines around the eyes while also preventing them before they have the chance to form. 

Botox works by gently relaxing targeted muscles that repeatedly contract through use. Through treatment, we effectively diminish dynamic lines, preventing them from developing into static wrinkles. 

Timing your treatment

While you do have to be at least 18 years of age, there is no magical window to get botox for crow’s feet or other areas of the face. Anyone looking to prevent or lessen lines of the face can stand to benefit. 

Sooner is definitely better, though, when it comes to wrinkle prevention – especially where you already see lines forming!

When and where treatment counts:

  • Formation of lines around your eyes when you smile, laugh, or squint
  • Wrinkles around the eyes that don’t go away after emoting
  • You want to prevent lines before they form

Your mid-20s are a highly beneficial time to start preventative botox treatments as any lines you might have now will be more treatable. However, this doesn’t mean those seeking treatment outside of this age group can’t get the look they’re after with the right treatment. Quite the contrary!

With wrinkle prevention, now is always the right time.

 Botox for Crow's Feet Results


Factoring for cost

Botox pricing can vary widely depending on where you go. The treatment area you’re targeting, and how much you’re aiming to have done also ties into cost. In New York, you should expect pricing between $10 and $20 for each unit of botox. This means you can expect to pay between $250 and $500 per area

Another problem consumers routinely face: providers not disclosing the final cost until the appointment concludes. Conventional practices that price treatment around each unit of botox used (the most common service model) effectively leaves patients in the dark until it comes time to pay.

We’re different

We believe botox should be an option for anyone who wants to prevent or diminish fine lines, without surprises. That’s why we offer transparent, flat-rate pricing to treat all three FDA-approved areas on the face for $425 – including wrinkles around the eyes!

If you do decide treatment is the right step – which if so, yay for you! – we’ll pair you with a provider of your choice. They’ll be who you work with on setting and meeting your complexion goals. Fun fact: Our providers aren’t just functional experts – they’re great humans with clinical expertise and charm. Think of them as your very own skincare genie!

Each nurse practitioner arrives highly-trained and licensed, with an exclusive focus on preventative botox. This means you can rest assured your experience is fun, enjoyable, and you get a personalized treatment plan crafted just for you. 

Your skin and its needs are unique. Book your complimentary consultation at one of our studios today to find the wrinkle treatment plan that’s right for you.