Search around for botox providers in New York and you’ll soon find the price varies. Dramatically. Botox pricing often depends on the number of units you need, the areas you want treated, and a number of other factors beyond your control.

The reality is, managing wrinkles safely and effectively has historically been more complex than it should be. Much of the friction comes down to opaque pricing and studios prioritizing treatment over solutions. Where things that can go wrong with other providers:

  • Going in for an estimate and leaving without any meaningful indication of the actual cost.
  • Being at the wrong end of a consultation fee that wasn’t mentioned.
  • Leaving with more botox – and a look you weren’t wanting – because the provider’s wrinkle assessment resembles something closer to guesswork than analysis.  

We’re different

 At Peachy, we’re changing wrinkle care in a big way, making treatment transparent and more approachable than it’s ever been, starting with the price.

Why set the price at $425? 

Transparent, approachable care is our operative model at Peachy. We understand botox isn’t one size fits all. Each client’s needs are as unique as their own skin, and we believe the treatment plans should reflect that. Some clients come in for a minor refresh and that’s all. For others, it’s a complete rejuvenation. 

Finer lines and fewer of them is always the goal, but we don’t feel cost should be the barrier it’s been up to now – or that it should get in the way of your complexion goals. $425 for your ideal dose is our way of lowering that barrier.

What exactly does $425 cover? 

In a word, everything! At Peachy, you pay $425 for our total treatment. No catches. We focus exclusively on all three FDA-approved muscle groups, where botox has been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness. Those are:

Frontalis muscle –worry lines” across the forehead.

Orbicularis oculi muscle –crow’s feet” along the outer eye portions.

Procerus and corrugator muscles – “frown lines” between eyebrows.

We differ from most providers in that we don't price women's or men's botox by individual units or arbitrary treatment areas. Why? To side step conflicting incentives around botox – like hidden fees and over-administering for higher end costs. By setting the price at $425, and keeping it there, we give greater focus to what counts: your skin’s care.

At Peachy, we see skincare for the journey that it is, with your complexion goals at the center! We want you to feel informed and comfortable – not pressured to get more or less than you need.

Do you treat other areas?

Botox injection sites and the treatment they involve are a science. While other studios cater to a variety of areas across the face, we treat the areas proven to respond well to botox – where it’s guaranteed to be effective in preventing wrinkles.

What wrinkle relaxer brands does Peachy use and who administers?

Beyond Botox® we also use Xeomin®, Jeuveau®, and Dysport® – all FDA-approved brands designed to diminish existing wrinkles and prevent future lines from forming. 

Comfort and skill is our everything at Peachy. We put clinical excellence above all else, which is why we leave it to our providers to determine which brand will work best with your complexion goals. Each Peachy provider arrives as a board-certified nurse practitioner, having undergone extensive training to ensure safe, seamless treatment. 

Fun fact: Our providers administer more than 1,500 botox injections for patients each year – wrinkle treatment is their sole specialty.

Moreover, they’re here to make sure no question or concern goes unanswered. They are the hands and hearts of the operation!

How much does a botox consultation cost and what should I expect?

The best part about our consultations (besides being that much closer to your dream look) is that they’re entirely free. Every time.

During your wrinkle consultation, you’ll work with your Peachy provider to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your skin’s needs. There’s never any pressure to move forward with treatment, and you can always come back to discuss. It’s why we’re here!

If you decide treatment is the right move, you can do that on the spot. No need to make a separate appointment at a later date!

How it works

Step 1: During the consultation, we use state-of-the-art facial mapping technology to analyze your face’s wrinkle burden and plot out treatment points. 

Step 2: From there, you’ll sit down with your provider one-on-one who will recommend a treatment plan based on your own goals and expectations around treatment. Botox is a powerful tool for preventing wrinkles, so the focus of the consultation is to find the plan that’s right for you.

Step 3: Following treatment, you can make use of our refresh area – complete with lit mirrors and complimentary refreshments – or speak with a provider about steps you can take to prevent wrinkles beyond botox.

What is “wrinkle prevention” exactly?

At Peachy we parse through the data, track what’s reputable, and base all we do around what’s expertly understood. From all that comes our very own data-driven approach to keeping wrinkles minimal and complexions fine. 

Our strategy around wrinkle prevention comes in three simple, yet science-assured steps: a targeted blend of preventative botox, prescription retinoids, and daily-use sunscreen. Each step is FDA-approved, meaning safety and effectiveness come vetted and very well understood.

If you’d like to hear how wrinkle prevention has a place in your skincare regimen, don’t hesitate to come by. We’d love to see your face!