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The Peachy System

Peachy is designed around scientifically-demonstrated wrinkle prevention and treatment.

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PreventativeWrinkle Relaxers

Botox®   Xeomin®   Jeuveau®   Dysport®


for full treatment inclusive of eyebrows, forehead, crow’s feet

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Tretinoin, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide 


for 3 month supply

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Thomas M.

West Soho

As an esthetics student I cannot recommend this place enough. Everything is focused on skincare, skincare, and prevention. From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed and happy. It was my first time getting anything done so I was nervous, but post treatment I can safely say I am So Excited to return for my follow up! I felt absolutely no pain, and about 30 min later you can barely see that I had anything done (which is the point!). Really well done. Clean, bright, affordable. Just.... wow!

Selma S


First time venturing into the world of botox, just a few days before my 40th. I always thought botox was for plastic-faced Florida trophy wives, and associated it with frozen expressions and a shallow life style. Peachy -and Larisa, my knowledgeable and super professional guide and provider -changed my view entirely! My whole experience was spa like, with wonderful women guiding me and making me feel good about myself -inside and out! I’m coming back 100% and can’t wait to gift this to all my wonderful sisters. Thank you Peachy!

Nora R.

West Soho

Clean. Excellent service. High tech. All injectors are medical professionals. Better than the derm I went to before as he does this a few times a week and they do it full time everyday!

Eric S


They’re awesome! I’ve recommended friends to Peachy and people thank me for sharing the info. I’m so happy with them! Thank you, Peachy!

Laura W


Everyone was super friendly and really knowledgeable. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door, and knew I was in good hands. I will absolutely be back!


West Soho

WOW WOW WOW. So beyond impressed and truly blow away by Peachy. Megan was so lovely, professional and knowledgeable.

Alexander G.

West Soho

It was a really great experience all around! Staff was well informed, took to time to discuss all the details, and used a digital photo of me to show injection treatment plan. Atmosphere was trendy, clean and inviting. Their pricing for Botox was exactly as advertised, with plenty of extra products to buy for wrinkles and skin care, but their was no pushy attempt at an upsell.

Danielle M.

West Soho

I’ve been to Peachy three times now and I’ve had a different practitioner each time. All of them were absolutely fantastic, as is their front desk staff. Everyone is friendly and helps to create a soothing environment. In the past I’ve gotten Botox from my dermatologists and they didn’t really talk to me much before my injections. The Peachy staff goes over your service in detail and works with you to come up with a plan that works best for you. I love this place and I truly look forward to going there!

Blair T.

West Soho

I'm obsessed with Peachy!! I was a bit nervous about getting Botox, but the whole process was so seamless. All of the Nurse Practitioners are super friendly and informative. Also, the space is beautiful. Can't wait to go back!

Kimberly T.

West Soho

Excellent service. Super efficient, clean, knowledgeable and transparent. Cannot wait to tell all my friends!

Samantha V.

West Soho

I love how educational and scientific the whole experience is. I've learned so much since I started coming!

Jourdan B.

West Soho

The entire process is fluid - from check in to photos to consultation to procedure.

Davey M.

West Soho

As a veteran of Botox, I could not be more pleased or impressed with their service.

Rachel K.

West Soho

Peachy is officially my go-to place!

Blair B.

West Soho

I am obsessed with Peachy! The whole process was so seamless!

Codi L.

West Soho

I had the best first botox experience with Peachy! I was a bit nervous, and their team guided me through and explained exactly what I would need for the preventative tweaks I was looking for. I felt incredibly comfortable, did not feel rushed or like I was given a cookie-cutter experience, and the results speak for themselves. I will be returning! Thank you Peachy!

Ariel Y.

West Soho

Peachy definitely stood out from all of the botox clinics in the market!!! It not only offers one of the most professional treatment services, but also makes the whole experience so fun and enjoyable. I love the design of the studio, it's so delightful!

Eric W.

West Soho

I never thought I would do Botox but then after a rough pandemic and a big birthday coming up, I thought I treated myself. I was very skeptical about everything but that very quickly faded away the second I walked through the door. Vey nice staff from the front desk to treatment.Clean, neat professional but most importantly, VERY effective. I can't recommend this team enough.

John B.

West Soho

When I think of what actually helps me keep my skin looking young, it’s daily sunscreen, nightly prescription retinoid acid, and Botox every three months. When I came into Peachy for Botox after yet another provider marked up the cost $600+, and heard those are the three products they focus getting every patient on, I thought, These people get it.

Ben C


I had a wonderful experience at Peachy. Impeccable service, friendly staff and a personalized treatment plan. Danielle administered my Botox injections and did an excellent job – quick and easy. It’s been a little over a week, and I’m already seeing results. I’m loving the tinted sunscreen as well. I also haven’t experienced any redness or dryness from nightly use of their retinoid cream. The Williamsburg location is perfect!

Abigail G


AMAZING experience. All the providers are super knowledgeable and professional, but feels like a trip to the spa instead of a doctor appointment with a derm. Very clean and chic, can’t wait to go back.

Kyle H


Amazing experience from the Peachy team, so much so that I fly from Miami to be meet with the team. Pictures do little justice to the beauty of the space and the warmth of the team. I'll be back XOXOXO !

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