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Peachy Manhattan West

Studio experience unlike any other

At Manhattan West, we’re pairing New York convenience with Peachy’s unmatched focus on preventative wrinkle care. Our studio features an entire service range centered on diminishing and preventing fine lines. You can find us within Manhattan West’s inner courtyard, accessible using the 33rd Street walkway between 9th and 10th Ave.

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Peachy Manhattan West
Peachy Manhattan West
Peachy Manhattan West
Peachy Manhattan West
Peachy Manhattan West
Peachy Manhattan West

The Peachy Essentials

Simple, scientifically proven, timeless.

woman touching forehead



Reduce and prevent wrinkles on forehead, elevens, and crow’s feet

person holding retinoids container



Smoothen texture and decrease pore size with our proprietary tretinoin-based formula

applying sunscreen to face with brush



Reverse and prevent coarse skin texture, sunspots, and damage from photoaging

Premium, approachable wrinkle care in Manhattan West

Clinically excellent

Peachy Providers arrive board-certified with a sole focus on wrinkles, providing 30,000+ treatments each year!

Keep your natural look

We treat to prevent fine lines, while maintaining that special balance of refinement and character in your look.

No pressure

We aren’t here to upsell. We only offer what works for you and never recommend anything you aren’t aligned to.

Peachy providers

Client Testimonials

Your experience is our obsession.

Kenneth B.

Manhattan West

I love Peachy! Long-time customer have been to all three studios and this newest one is beautiful. Larisa did an excellent job as always! Highly recommend their retinoid as well.

Robert P.

Manhattan West

Peachy was my first experience with Botox, and it was fantastic. I went in pretty obviously nervous, but Besiana took the time to explain everything to me and really make my treatment plan fit what I wanted. The facility was clean and the process was simple. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Peachy in the future.

Jaclyn T.

Manhattan West

Amazing experience here! The staff was very kind, professional and accommodating! The environment was beautiful and clean. They did amazing work and were very patient with me in answering all questions and easing my nerves throughout my entire visit! So excited to return to this location and will definitely be recommending to friends!

Amanda H.

Manhattan West

The most friendly and pleasant staff. Their studio is impeccable and very clean. I really felt like I was in great hands. Would definitely recommend to my friends, family, and anyone reading this. :)

James M.

Manhattan West

On entry you find friendly and caring staff In a beautiful waiting area. Digital photos are taken to assess your starting point and then you are met with your clinician, mine, Liona, a knowledgeable and professional nurse. The exam rooms are very clean, new and comfortable. The location of this office is a bonus, with large outdoor spaces and places to dine and drink at Hudson Yards.

Adam P.

Manhattan West

I went to the SoHo location for my first visit but now this new midtown west location is incredibly more convenient. The staff is so professional and courteous. The techs that are actually doing the botox are also knowledgeable and even help guide you to what you want your results to be. I definitely recommend peachy to anyone that wants to try botox.

Ariel H.

Manhattan West

I saw Danielle G, and she was wonderful! I let her know that based on previous results, I felt I needed higher doses around my eyes, and she made some great adjustments. Similarly to other peachy NPs I’ve worked with, Danielle made recommendations that were right for me...

Marcella A.

Manhattan West

The services overall exceed that of the dermatologist office and I paid a third of the price. I’m definitely going to continue using Peachy. I also highly recommend Taina Lopez as she gave me so much information on the procedure and was kind and gentle at every step. I actually learned more from her than I did at the dermatology office. Thanks, Taina!

Alexander S.

Manhattan West

I have been to Peachy 5 times at this point and every experience has been professional and smooth! The Manhattan West location is great. They make you feel comfortable before, during and after your procedure. I was well taken care of from the moment I walked in. I highly recommend trying out their services. I came here for Botox and will continue coming back for more!

Ellie K.

Manhattan West

Amazing experience at an amazing place!

Em S.

Manhattan West

Larisa is amazing. She pays extra attention to detail and has such a light touch that you barely feel anything. She took time to explain the science behind things and was really adept in figuring out how to meet my needs. Plus the studio is amazingly nice, clean, and comfortable. Highly recommend Peachy!

Brittany P-B.

Manhattan West

Always a great and seamless experience at Peachy. Quick and easy. Would definitely recommend going there for your Botox treatment.

Mary W.

Manhattan West

Peachy is THE BEST! I’ve been to their other studios, and just visited the Manhattan West Location! Beautiful space, extremely clean! The front desk was extremely welcoming and my provider was incredible! Don’t wast your time and money elsewhere! Peachy is the place to be.

Christina U.

Manhattan West

Came in 35 minutes early and they were able to see me 15 minutes before my appointment. My NP was very nice and informative. Injection sites were nearly invisible by the time I left! Out the door right around when my original appointment was supposed to start! A+

Timothy K.

Manhattan West

Everyone is super nice, the facility is nice exceptionally clean, and there’s even great music. :) Lots of bang for your buck!

Dana L.

Manhattan West

I've had wrinkle treatments with multiple providers, most of which are double or triple the price. The clarity of their process (large iPad photo of your face with carefully placed, color-coded dots marking the areas to treat) takes the guesswork from the communication. Most importantly, the outcome of the Peachy process is the best I've ever had.

Zachary P.

Manhattan West

THE place to go for wrinkle prevention - preventative Botox experts as well as offering retinoids and SPF. Arguably the best priced Botox in NYC

Ariel H.

Manhattan West

I saw Danielle G, and she was wonderful! I let her know that based on previous results, I felt I needed higher doses around my eyes, and she made some great adjustments. Similarly to other peachy NPs I’ve worked with, Danielle made recommendations that were right for me...

Lynda E.

Manhattan West

Such a great experience! My nurse practitioner was very thorough with explanation and extremely meticulous with injection placements. This was the first time I had been given an ice pack for care prior and post, which was a nice touch. I will definitely be a regular here.

Steven L.

Manhattan West

Such an amazing experience at Peachy. They really helped customize my plan. Also, the staff is amazing and explained what they're doing and why to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Also, the price point can't be beat!

David R.

Manhattan West

I love that Peachy focuses solely on three areas for botox treatments and does not have a long list of things they are trying to sell you. I look forward to seeing how I look during the next few days, but I honestly suggest booking a consultation!

Jesse P.

Manhattan West

Peachy continues to impress. I've been to the other locations before and this Manhattan West location is brilliant! Pricing is very straight forward and so transparent and displayed in the refresh area. No gimmicks, and such a cool experience from start to finish and it'll make you feel confident and youthful again. Highly recommend it!

Graham T.

Manhattan West

Seamless. I immediately felt comfortable, prioritized, and at ease. Staff are knowledgeable, and made sure my goals came through. I did not wait long, but did not feel rushed. Truly a great experience.

Caroline J.

Manhattan West

Best face lotion and retinoids I’ve ever used. Such a beautiful environment, and the staff takes great care of you.

Kelly M.

Manhattan West

I had a great experience at Peachy! Everyone was soo nice and helpful throughout my entire time in the studio. The studio has a great ambiance and I loved the refresh room! I also recommend trying out some of their products, the night cream is amazing!! Can’t wait till my next visit!

Thomas S.

Manhattan West

Love love love peachy!! The new studio is gorgeous! Great treatment and wonderful energy!

Lara H.

Manhattan West

This was my first time getting wrinkle relaxers and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. The studio is clean, the staff are friendly, and I’m really happy with the results.

Daisy G.

Manhattan West

I’ve been going to their Tribeca location and I’m so glad this new spot opened up. :) It’s such a nice and pleasant experience. I've had a really seamless time in getting treatment and I couldn’t recommend it anymore! Will definitely come back!

We’ve got answers

What do you offer at Manhattan West?

In a word, everything! Preventive services include wrinkle relaxers (Botox®, Jeuveau®, Dysport®, and Xeomin®) which we apply to the three FDA-approved treatment areas.

We also carry prescription retinoids for enhancing collagen production (they give your wrinkles less definition) which you can discuss with your provider during your appointment. You can also check through our mineral sunscreen line at our Manhattan West studio or on our website.

How experienced are your providers?

We put clinical excellence above all else at Peachy. Each provider arrives as a board-certified nurse practitioner, having undergone extensive training to ensure safe, seamless treatment.

Fun fact: Treating wrinkles isn’t merely a “capability” for our providers – it’s their sole specialty! Peachy Providers administer more than 1,500 botox injections for patients each year. Further, they’re here to make sure no question or concern goes unaddressed. Our providers are the hands and hearts of the operation!

It’s my first time trying wrinkle relaxers, anything I should know ahead of time?

Along with meeting your complexion goals, we want your treatment experience to be a comfortable one. Unless your doctor has prescribed medication, we recommend staying off blood thinners and avoiding alcohol at least 24 hours prior to treatment (it’s to prevent risk of bleeding or bruising in these areas).

In terms of before and aftercare, there are steps you can take to ensure recovery is as quick as the results are seamless. These your provider will go over during your initial consult.

My provider was an absolute gem! How do I book them again for my next appointment?

First off congratulations on finding a provider you love! Our nurse practitioners aren’t just functional experts – they’re great humans with clinical expertise and charm. Book by phone or online to reserve your provider of choice for your next treatment.

If you’re calling, we will make a note to keep your preferred provider for future appointments.

Can I buy retinoids or sunscreen at this location?

Retinoids are a prescribed product made to stimulate the face’s collagen levels and sunscreen (non-rx) to protect your lovely look from photodamage. We can prescribe retinoids during in-person visits or by meeting virtually with one of our providers, after which we deliver to you within two weeks.

You can pick up sunscreen at any Peachy studio anytime you’re in the neighborhood, and online when you aren’t able to drop by.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Give us a call as soon as you know you aren’t able to make the appointment or are running late. Keep in mind that if you miss your appointment and we do not hear from you at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled time, your card will be charged a $25 hold fee.