Let’s redefine wrinkle care together.

At Peachy, we’re building a brighter culture around skincare – for everyone – and that means supporting the hands and hearts who make our mission possible.

Peachy team

Your journey starts here


We offer competitive pay rates for our Clinical Provider and Studio Experience teams, including base pay plus performance based bonuses.

Career Growth

Whether you want to expand your career within Clinical Operations, Leadership, or Corporate, we offer development plans and opportunities for it all.

Complimentary Services

Enjoy complimentary quarterly botox treatments, complimentary quarterly retinoid, and a discount on our sunscreen and other products. We also offer discounted services for friends and family.

Business Savvy Operations

Through a combination of Peachy’s proprietary technology, robust marketing, easy scheduling, and set pricing model, our teams get to focus on clinical excellence and the care of our clients while we handle the rest.

Scheduling Made Simple

We offer flexible Part-Time and Full-Time schedule options to meet your goals of having a well balanced life.

Learning and Development

Immersive, hands on training sets our Clinical Provider and Studio Experience Teams up for success from the start.

Pick your path

Peachy clinicians

Clinical Provider Team

Our Clinical Provider team is made up of Nurse Practitioners who guide client consultation and provide treatment. They are domain experts with an instinct for meeting people where they’re at! Clients come with a mind full of possibility and they look to them for direction they can trust.

diagnosis tools

Studio Experience Team

Our Studio Experience team works closely with our Providers to ensure a positive and educational experience for every client, every time. This team is made up of Specialists and Managers who are client journey experts and brand ambassadors; passionate about wrinkle prevention and knowledgeable about Peachy’s products and services.

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    Peachy perks

    All Teams Benefits Part Time Full Time
    401k Options + 100% Match* Yes Yes
    Complimentary Peachy Services Yes Yes
    Discount on Peachy Products Yes Yes
    Paid Sick Time Yes Yes
    Talkspace Membership Yes Yes
    Gympass Membership Yes Yes
    Paid Time Off & Paid Holidays No Yes
    Comprehensive Medical, Dental, Vision Benefits No Yes
    Kindbody Membership No Yes
    One Medical Membership No Yes
    Teladoc Membership No Yes
    Clinical Provider Benefits Part Time Full Time
    All the standard part time or full time benefits listed above Yes Yes
    100% Paid Training Yes Yes
    100% Paid Malpractice Insurance Yes Yes

    Our values

    Be client obsessed

    We succeed when our clients are off-the charts satisfied and happy. When making decisions we start with the client first and work backwards. We are focused on retaining and delighting existing clients so they can’t help but tell others about us.

    Peachy provider discussing treatment with client

    Earn and keep trust

    We are proactive when building trust with clients and colleagues. We look for ways to build trust in both the small and large moments. We accept responsibility and quickly correct things when mistakes are made, because trust is built in the proper handling of both our successes and our failures. We think long-term as trust takes time to build and only seconds to destroy.

    Group of Peachy providers

    Provide positive

    We actively look for the good in every situation. We believe the glass really is half full and we can also always refill it. Positive attitudes at Peachy benefits everyone’s outlook as we feel inspired and empowered when we are surrounded by positivity.

    Peachy team

    Continually raise the bar

    We are always improving and growing our client experience, products, processes, people, and systems. In order to compound our growth individually and as an organization, we need to constantly be in learning mode. We are not learning for learning’s sake; we focus our efforts on results and balance the use of best practices with first principles thinking.

    smiling Peachy team members

    Revel in the constraints

    We are scrappy in nature. When we make hard choices and prioritize, we make better decisions. When we have to be discipled and streamline our thinking, we do. Constraints drive us to think differently and more innovatively than if we had endless money, people, or time.

    Peachy providers
    Danielle K
    NP & Clinical Education Specialist

    I’m excited about the opportunity to train new employees because I get to positively impact the growth of Peachy, future NPs, and myself! It’s a rewarding experience on many levels.

    SES Supervisor

    Peachy cultivates a culture of being seen and fully one’s unique self. I feel both recognized and appreciated for being who I am. It’s a place I can truly thrive and grow as an individual and with my team.

    Megan D
    Director Of Clinical Excellence

    Peachy has opened the door for a new and refreshing arena of healthcare. I've been able to develop new clinical skills, and I also feel empowered to grow within the company.

    Ebony P
    SES Supervisor

    I am a big believer in skincare first, makeup second – Peachy practices just that. I love sharing my passion for our skin’s care with my team and clients every day.

    Kerry S
    SES Supervisor

    I love that when I’m at Peachy, I’m in a positive, creative atmosphere. Our team collaboration helps us find innovative ways to make the client experience even better, and we always bond while doing it!