7 Reasons To Choose Peachy Over A Traditional Med Spa or Doctor’s Office

By Peachy

As summer comes to a close, you may notice a few extra lines that appeared while you were busy enjoying the sun. It’s time to book a wrinkle relaxer treatment. 

You pull out your phone, open up Google, and type in “best botox in my area.” You’re met with dozens of options all claiming to be the best. What exactly should you look for when it comes to choosing where to get your wrinkle relaxers?

1.) Transparent pricing

At a Doctor’s Office or Medical Spa, the cost of a wrinkle relaxer treatment depends on the number of units needed or the areas you wish to treat. You often don’t know how much you owe until your treatment is already done. Furthermore, there is often an associated co-pay for even booking an appointment.  

Not at Peachy! We offer flat-rate pricing, which means you pay $375 for your wrinkle relaxer treatment. And no surprises. Ever.

Our pricing model was created to make wrinkle prevention and treatment accessible (unlike other places that price per unit or area).

2.) Free consultations

Want to speak to a specialist before your treatment? It will cost you at a Doctor’s office or med spa.

Plus, you’re likely going to be pressured to get more units or other procedures than you feel comfortable with because the more you get, the more they profit.

We flipped the script and now provide complimentary wrinkle consultations for anyone interested in Botox or just to learn about the science behind wrinkle prevention. During the consultation, you and your Peachy Provider review your anatomy and goals to decide what treatment, if any, is right for you.

3.) Personalized treatment plans 

While Botox treatments aren’t one size fits all, we know some places make you feel that way. They don’t take the time to educate you and often try to upsell or cross-sell you on other products or services. 

At Peachy, you know your plan is personalized. Why? Because your Provider works with you to determine what wrinkle relaxer treatment is best for your needs.

Backed by science every step of the way, you achieve your skin goals and gain knowledge to help you maintain your results.

4.) Science-backed treatments

At Peachy, we take the science behind wrinkles seriously.

Our 3-step system of Botox, prescription retinoids, and sunscreen is a data-driven approach to wrinkle prevention. After taking your photos during the Wrinkle Consultation, your Peachy Provider (a board-certified Nurse Practitioner) uses patent-pending AI technology to come up with a treatment plan based on your facial movement goals and unique anatomy. 

This approach is also why we only treat wrinkles in the 3 FDA-approved areas: forehead, between the eyes, and crow’s feet. That way, you know you’re getting the safest, most effective treatment.

Do Doctor’s Offices or med spas do that? Hint: The answer is NO!

5.) Specialization

At Peachy, we are obsessed with the prevention and treatment of wrinkles. From fine lines to deep-set wrinkles, we focus on one thing and do it really well.

On the other hand, many Doctor’s Offices and medical spas offer a broad variety of services ranging from dermal fillers, and chemical peels to microdermabrasion and waxing. Since they don’t specialize in one specific treatment, there is a high chance those Providers are spread too thin to deliver the exceptional results you’re looking for. 

6.) A prevention-focused approach

The more services that can be recommended, the better at traditional Doctor’s offices or medical spas. That’s not the case at Peachy. We aim to minimize static lines and prevent deep-set wrinkles before they form. Our process is grounded in science and focused on preventing wrinkles

We can’t say the same for others, who profit from maxing out on every treatment they can and focus more on upselling than educating you.

7.) More natural results

Last but certainly not least, when you’re searching for the right place for you, pay attention to their treatment model.

Most Doctor’s Offices aren’t concerned whether your face looks “frozen” because the more units you get, the more you pay. At Peachy, your movement goals are top-of-mind and maintaining your natural look while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles is our number one priority.

Need a wrinkle treatment that works without altering your appearance? Book your appointment with Peachy today and feel confident you made the right choice.