So, you’ve noticed a few fine lines along your face. How long have they been there? Who could say. 

You open a search for “best botox in my area,” where you’re met with page upon page of providers, all vying to bring results and care better than the next. This raises a real question:

Beyond thoughtful advertising, what should quality wrinkle care actually look like?

1 | Transparent pricing

At a conventional doctor’s office or med spa, the cost of botox treatment depends on the number of units needed, and the areas you wish to treat. Meaning you often won’t know how much you actually owe until it comes time to pay. More still are the potential co-pays tied to appointments.

To make wrinkle treatment and prevention truly accessible, we’ve done away with per-unit pricing and surcharges. We’ve built our service around flat-rate pricing set at $425 for the amount you need to achieve a look both naturally and remarkably you.

2 | Complimentary consults

Want to speak to a specialist before your treatment? It’s a chargeable service at doctor’s offices and med spas.

You’re also likely to face pressure for more units – for a look you may not be after – along with other, more invasive procedures. The add-on service culture that med spas are notorious for is one we've done away with entirely.

With complimentary consultations, you’ll meet with a provider of your choice to review your anatomy and goals to decide what treatment, if any, is right for you.

3 | Tailored treatment plans

Botox isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, despite traditional practices selling it as such. The reality? Our skin is both complex and uniquely ours! Further, the need for wrinkle treatment doesn’t happen for everyone at the same stage of life.

When you are ready for treatment, we’ll be working with your skin, rather than against it. Finding the ideal dose to bring your desired look to life is our specialty!

4 | Scientifically guided care

Every service, every offer we provide at Peachy ties back neatly to one essential ingredient that brings safe, effective care outcomes: Proof through science. 

Our 3-step system of botox, prescription retinoids and sunscreen is a data-driven approach to treating and preventing wrinkles at any stage of life. After imaging during the initial consultation, your Peachy Provider (a board-certified nurse practitioner) uses patent-pending AI technology to develop a tailored wrinkle treatment plan aligned to your own complexion goals and unique anatomy. 

Our affinity for proven solutions is why we only treat wrinkles across the 3 FDA-approved areas of the face: forehead, between the eyes and crow’s feet. That way, you know you’re getting the safest, most effective treatment.

5 | Specialization

At Peachy, we are obsessed with the prevention and treatment of wrinkles. From fine lines to deep-set wrinkles, we focus on one thing and do it very well.

Where there is a broader range of services on offer, quality can come at the expense of convenience. And it’s a service model that can easily leave providers spread too thin to guarantee remarkable results. More still is losing the focus for wrinkle treatment and the expertise that it requires.

6 | A prevention-focused approach

The more services that can be recommended, the better business it is for conventional doctor’s offices or med spas. Cross-selling care – unnecessary care especially – comes at the expense of the client. 

At Peachy, we aim to minimize static lines and prevent deep-set wrinkles before they form, side-stepping the need for more invasive work entirely.

7 | A look refined, yet naturally you

Treatment models are a big deal when seeking out care for wrinkles and fine lines.

Over-treatment and ending up with a “frozen face” may be less than ideal for you, but it’s favorable for providers that price-per unit. It’s an outdated model of care we’ve replaced with transparent pricing set at $425 for the look you want, while still putting a premium on your health and safety.