Knowing the pros and potential cons behind any skincare product or treatment is an essential before adopting it into your regimen. In this article we’ll cover the benefits of botox (including the less considered ones) and what we’re doing here at Peachy to build a better world out of wrinkle care.

#1 It’s preventative

One of the major advantages of botox is that it goes beyond “corrective” measures. You aren’t covering over or filling in lines to reduce their appearance – you’re diminishing the wrinkle itself. This means keeping lines from advancing further as your complexion matures.

As with virtually anything, timing is a consideration. Deciding when to start treatment (and how often to get it) will be an important part of keeping wrinkles fewer and finer in the long run. That said, there is no universal window to begin treating wrinkles or “right” level of refinement for a face. 

Your look is yours. We believe it’s more important that you have a choice in deciding what’s right for your complexion based on the goals you set for it. 

#2 It’s widely compatible

Since botox works beneath the skin, there’s no risk of it interacting negatively with other parts of your skincare routine at home. Some products even complement it! Natural besties include mineral sunscreen during the day and collagen-building retinoids at night.

#3 It’s convenient

Botox is arguably the easiest treatment for wrinkle care you’ll find. Appointments at Peachy begin with a complimentary wrinkle analysis, where we use imaging paired with predictive AI to determine line activity across the face. 

Knowing where treatment works best is key in wrinkle prevention, and what we specialize in. By analyzing your face’s unique anatomy and building a treatment plan around it, we’re able to optimize the effects of your botox, to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

Treatment at Peachy takes about 10 minutes with a total appointment time around half an hour.

#4 It’s minimally invasive

Unlike procedures like resurfacing which tend to be more disruptive for skin (and very expensive), botox carries very little risk of complication. Even options like filler will take several days for skin to recover from swelling and bruising.

Botox by comparison can be done on a lunch break, meaning you get to forego any discomfort or prolonged recovery. Another botox benefit: It doesn’t alter your appearance – so the gains complement your natural features.

Best of all, it’s extremely safe. Between medical and cosmetic use, botox has a longstanding history of application. And research around it has been going on for decades! At Peachy, we focus treatment on the FDA-approved areas of the face, where botox has been empirically proven to work wonders. 

#5 It’s more affordable than you think

Though pricing might suggest otherwise, wrinkle care can indeed be economical – if you know where to get it

As a note, we are not suggesting you go seeking out your next appointment on Groupon. Botox is as much a science as it is an art. That means finding a studio with trained experts who are capable and qualified to administer treatment. Board-certified nurse practitioners are a must!

Up to now, providers tend to price botox by the number of units administered, often between $10 and $20 per unit. This is known as “per-unit pricing” within the industry, and it is a model we’re helping wrinkle care grow out of. 

Pricing treatment by individual units may sound more helpful in understanding how much botox you might need, but it doesn’t always live up to that expectation. One glaring issue: It incentivizes providers to over-treat. That leaves you at risk of having a higher bill to pay and a look weren’t wanting.

Because more units translates to increased revenue, many providers also offer treatment to other parts of the face where botox hasn’t been FDA-approved for use, and where there is limited research demonstrating its effectiveness.

At Peachy, we treat all 3 FDA-approved areas for $425 – including the forehead, crow’s feet, and between the eyebrows. By setting our price at one rate, we achieve two things:

  • We remove the surprise factor that comes with not knowing the final cost up front.
  • Our focus on FDA-approved treatment means we have an informed understanding of how many units you’ll need for each area, ensuring you don’t leave with too much or too little. 

#6 It comes personalized

Contrary to misconceptions, botox isn’t about concealing what you don’t want with excessive treatment or chasing what can’t be had. At Peachy it’s about choice – owning the look you love while having comfort and confidence in how you define it.

We also know that everyone has their own unique goals and motivations for getting botox. For some, it’s about keeping lines as few and fine as possible. For others, it’s a balance between refinement and character – leaving room for features and expressions that are authentically one’s own.

We can honestly say – proudly and empirically – that we cater to every face we see, no matter how much or how little refinement you’re after!

We keep consultations pressure-free at Peachy, focusing on your complexion and the goals you’ve set for it. Whether you’re on the fence about botox or you’ve got your thumb on the booking button, we’d love to see your face.