Why Timing Matters in Botox

Medically Reviewed by Larisa Fridlyand, AGACNP-BC

How often should you get botox? It’s as much a question for the person asking as it is for any winkle expert. And an important one to consider!

Timing treatment or “cadencing” is an important part of wrinkle care. It determines the level of refinement you can expect both now and over time as your complexion matures.

Whether you’re currently enjoying the preventative blessings of botox or just shopping around, time and timing are things to keep top of mind. 

Is botox not forever?

We wish. As with any drug or nutrient, our bodies begin the work of breaking treatment down as soon as it enters our system. But it takes a while!

How often you need botox will vary as everyone metabolizes treatment differently – meaning there’s no universal formula for how often to get botox. Generally, the window of effect hovers between three and four months. 

That window may be shorter for one person and longer for the next. With wrinkles, there are many factors at play. That said, there are steps you can take in the day-to-day to ensure you’re getting the most out of botox’s effects.

Wear time

Wrinkle relaxers and their effects wear gradually. Let’s say you got treated recently. Further along as the treatment runs its course, you’ll notice progressively more range in your expressions where before it may not have been quite so noticeable. Same story for wrinkles! 

This uptick in movement means your facial muscles are reverting back to their original, contracted state. It also means that any existing wrinkles are now at risk of advancing again.

How consistent are botox’s effects?

We’re happy to report that findings on botox’s effectiveness, and the duration of its effects, are scientifically excellent by a comfortable margin. Botox works.

One notable review from Southern Medical Journal looked at 44 separate peer-reviewed studies to gauge botox’s effectiveness for repeat treatment across 16 different conditions. 

The result? Botox in all the 44 studies demonstrated “sustained or enhanced improvement” in its effectiveness and/or effective duration across the follow-up period of treatment. 

The moral: Across the treatment’s many applications, botox works widely and well.

Will I need less botox over time if I keep treating?

This one’s still up in the air. Studies including the review above do report medical applications where botox’s window of effects had effectively widened – meaning effects from one dose lasted longer than the prior dose.

Further, there is data on wrinkle care indicating that repeat treatments can prolong effects. But findings aren’t wholly conclusive, and so it isn’t something we’d recommend building a regimen around. Though it can happen!

Factoring for cost

All too often it’s the cost of botox that keeps people from treating wrinkles. And we get it. The wrinkle care industry has historically been more complex than it should be. 

Much of the friction comes down to a) studios prioritizing treatment over actual solutions and b) a lack of clarity around pricing.

We’re different. At Peachy, we operate on fixed-rate pricing: $425 for the dose you need. No gimmicks, no surprises. 

We keep consults complimentary while focusing treatment on the three FDA-approved areas of the face, where botox is proven to work.

Cadencing your treatment

How you time your treatment out may depend on a) the level of refinement you’re after and b) how much of a routine you’re aiming to make out of it.

Some of the more common considerations:

  • Being on the younger side and thinking ahead
  • Seeking an evidence-based approach to skincare
  • Having lighter dynamic wrinkles you want to reverse
  • Managing set static lines around the eyes and forehead

It comes down to deciding what’s right for you!

How often can you get botox?

The clearest sign you’re ready for re-treatment is an appreciable return in line activity. Again, usually around three or four months!

We recommend waiting at least ten weeks for treatment as it is the shortest window we’ll allow between two appointments.

Why? It prevents any chance of developing an antibody response (very rare but possible) so that the treatment remains both fully effective and lasting.

Whether you’re brightening our door or you’re going elsewhere, the provider you choose should always prioritize your health and safety – and should be willing to share everything they can about what botox can do for you.

Defining the look you love

Everyone has their own unique goals and motivations for getting botox. 

For some, it’s about keeping lines as few and fine as possible. For others, it’s a balance between refinement and character – leaving room for features and expressions that are authentically your own.

It isn’t only for looks. At Peachy it’s about choice – having comfort and confidence in the decisions you make for your skin. 

Whatever level of prevention is ideal for you, a well-timed cadence is essential for keeping lines in check over time. 

If you aren’t sure how often to get botox, consider coming by! We keep consults pressure-free and entirely complimentary for this reason. We’d love to see your face!