Whether you’re on the fence about botox or you have your thumb on the booking button, you may first want to consult with your mirror.

Beyond that reflection full of distinction and charm, what do you see?

Fine lines when you smile or raise a brow? Lines that remain even after the face is at rest? 

Botox has a meaningful role to play in a person’s broader skincare goals. Especially where a person’s looking to preserve features and expressions that make them, well, them. 

We’re complexion people at Peachy. We know how defining your look is, the care it requires. And while we believe there’s a place for preventing wrinkles in everyone’s skincare journey, we understand how personal that decision is.

So. To help answer what you’ve been asking up to now – Is botox right for me? – we’ve compiled all the botox basics our clients ask about before getting treated.

Are all wrinkles the same?

There are two types actually!

You may notice finer lines forming with facial expressions but then resolving after relaxing the expression. These are your dynamic wrinkles. What’s causing them? Muscle movement!

However, muscle motion over time leads to skin breaking down, causing the characteristics of maturing skin. Loss in tightness and elasticity, creasing, and a more textured appearance are all common signs of maturing skin.

Beyond use, exposure plays a role in aging skin. Noticing lines that don’t go away? These are your static wrinkles, which show even while the face is at rest. Static wrinkles stem from photodamage (sun exposure) as well as smoking, genetics, poor nutrition, and prolonged dynamic wrinkling. 

Botox injections help to diminish static lines and systematically prevent dynamic wrinkles from progressing to static ones. Whether you’re seeing dynamic or static lines in the mirror, both are signs that now’s an advantageous time to get treatment and prevent them from developing further.

Is there a right time to begin treating with botox?

There is no universal window of time to get botox injections. Why? Because everyone’s skin matures at different speeds. The profile of aging skin further depends just as much on genetics and lifestyle factors like diet and smoking status as it does on day-to-day environmental exposures.

Of course, it’s a great way to keep lines at a minimum, whether you have dynamic lines or static ones. (That’s how effective it is!) Anyone looking to prevent or lessen lines of the face can stand to benefit from botox.

With wrinkle prevention, now is always the right time.

And it’s safe? Extremely, and effective.

The FDA approved botox injections in 2002 for eyebrow lines, 2013 for crow’s feet, and 2017 for forehead wrinkles. 

Notably, botox was first approved for medical use in 1989 – long before showing promise in cosmetics. So while it’s FDA approval is relatively new, the science underlying botox as a therapeutic agent is very well founded.

Since botox’s beginnings, no long-term adverse effects have been reported and no systemic safety problems have been associated with proper FDA-approved use. It is considered a drug with a broad margin of safety and is wonderfully effective at treating wrinkles and fine lines.

What are the results like?

In a word: remarkable. Within 5–10 days following treatment, you’ll find your lines softening. Results will fully develop within 2 weeks. 

Of course, how fine your lines get with treatment depends on the stage of progression for any existing wrinkles as well as the level of treatment you’re considering.

But once you do get botox? Expect three to four months of fewer and finer lines. From there it’s a matter of maintaining it three to four times a year! 

As an experience, what’s it like to get botox?

While we can’t speak for other practices, at Peachy we prefer to keep treatment as wrinkle-free as the outcomes.

As far as administering goes, botox is a relatively painless experience. Minor discomfort is the most you’ll feel around the targeted area when it’s done well. The perk of getting botox where the sole focus is wrinkle treatment is that top-quality care comes with the experience.

Transparency is important, and it's an area of care we excel at. While the treatment of wrinkles can be clinically complex, that doesn’t mean you should be out of the loop as a client. We bring you along through each stage of treatment, from consultation to aftercare, ensuring that you're well apprised and comfortable with your treatment.

How? With our providers! At Peachy, you work one-on-one with a provider of your choosing. They take your complexion goals and make them a reality!

Fun fact: Our providers administer more than 1,500 Botox® injections for patients each year! Wrinkle treatment is their sole specialty.

Our providers put clinical excellence above all else. Each arrives as a board-certified nurse practitioner, having undergone extensive training to ensure safe, seamless treatment. 

Moreover, they’re here to make sure no question or concern goes unanswered. They are the hands and hearts of the operation!

What makes Peachy a clear choice for treating wrinkles? 

Several things!

We don’t rely on guesswork – We bring a data-driven mindset to wrinkle treatment where others use intuition, focusing on the three FDA-approved areas of the face – areas known to respond well to botox.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t innovating. Remarkable outcomes require dosing suited to your skin’s needs. To do that, we’ve developed our very own AI treatment mapping technology, which we use to uncover your ideal dose. The outcome? A perfect balancing between natural and refined to make your look truly exceptional.

We’re radically transparent – Transparency has been a major sticking point in botox care up to now, and it’s something most providers actively struggle with. Much of this comes down to the care model the provider has in place. 

Most providers still rely on pricing botox per injection or by arbitrary “areas” of the face. Both are problematic as they incentivize over treatment. Per-unit pricing is especially worrisome as it tends to leave clients not knowing how much treatment will actually cost until it comes time to pay.We’re doing it differently. We’ve built botox service around flat-rate pricing set at $425 for the amount you need to achieve a look both naturally and remarkably you. 

A holistic focus for care – Where other providers see skin, we see complexion goals. For us it’s more than simply treating wrinkles. It’s about preventing them! At Peachy we’ve built an entire strategy around complexion care, pairing FDA-approved botox treatment with prescription retinoids and daily-use SPF, to keep wrinkles and fine lines in check.

At Peachy, we see a place for wrinkle prevention in everyone’s skincare routine. If you’re still unsure whether preventative botox is right for you, consider coming by! We keep consults complementary for precisely this reason. You’ll get to sit down with a provider to discuss your goals, learn what to expect, and decide what treatment, if any, is right for you!