Understandably, questions around the experience of botox are common for those new to wrinkle relaxers. Meanwhile, those who get botox find the benefits greatly outweighing any minor discomfort in the short-term. (And it really is minimal!) 

So just what is it like to get botox? Here we’ll examine treatment through the words of clients as well as the broader botox experience, and what we’re doing to ensure seamless care and comfort for the faces we see.

The big question: Does botox hurt?

The answer: not universally, no. 

It’s worth recognizing just how prevalent botox is. The latest findings from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show botox consistently being the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure – with 4.4 million procedures performed in 2020 alone. It stands to reason that it can’t be too unbearable when so many are regularly seeking treatment!

On the whole, botox is going to be a relatively painless experience, when it’s done well. You may experience a feeling of tightness or pinching near the targeted area, but any discomfort should resolve immediately following treatment. 

So much of the discussion around “botox pain” comes down to each person’s threshold for pain in general, though clients often liken it to eyebrow waxing or threading.

The mechanics of botox and its benefits

So, what happens when you get wrinkle relaxers? Quite a bit actually!

As a neuromodulating protein, botox works by relaxing the targeted muscle groups to improve the appearance of wrinkles, and doing so without altering your face’s natural appearance. The three FDA-approved areas for botox that we treat include:

Frontalis muscle – “worry lines” across the forehead.

Orbicularis oculi muscle – “crow’s feet” along the outer eye portions.

Procerus and corrugator muscles – “frown lines” between eyebrows.

The benefits of botox are threefold. First, it relaxes existing lines – dynamic or static – effectively diminishing their appearance. Second, it keeps dynamic lines from advancing to permanent static wrinkles. Lastly, botox as a preventative keeps future wrinkles from surfacing in the first place!

The greater botox experience

While we can’t speak for other practices, at Peachy we prefer to keep treatment as comfortable and wrinkle-free as the outcomes. The perk of getting botox where the sole focus is wrinkle treatment is that top-quality care comes with the experience.

The consultation

At Peachy, we begin first by learning about each face we’re treating. We analyze all areas of the face with state-of-the-art AI imaging. This ensures a complete and precise profile of your line activity and where we should focus treatment, if you do decide botox is right for you

From there, you’ll work firsthand with a board-certified provider to discuss your complexion goals and address any questions along the way. Much of this comes down to balancing range of movement for expression with diminishment in lines. 

Transparency is important for us, and it's an area of care we excel at. We bring you along through each stage of the appointment, from consultation to aftercare, ensuring that you're up to speed and comfortable with the treatment you’re getting.

Getting treatment

If you decide to go forward with treatment (yay!) we then tailor dosing based on the goals you’ve decided on. We work responsively with your skin to uncover that special balance of “natural” yet “refined.”

Treatment takes about two weeks to peak, and from there it's a quick visit every three or four months to keep prevention ongoing.

What our clients say

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Little to no side effects

If botox’s effectiveness wasn’t reassuring already, you’ll be pleased to know this: Common side effects are minimal if anything at all. 

Light irritation around treatment points is the most common and usually resolves after 30 minutes. Light bruising or swelling may also occur, though at about the scale of a mosquito bite. Next to nothing!

Making care seamless, and comfortable

Working with a provider that keeps your wellbeing and your complexion goals top of mind is perhaps the most meaningful step you can take to ensure pain-free treatment with remarkable results

At Peachy, we pair you one-on-one with a provider of your choosing. Our providers put clinical excellence above all else. Each arrives as a board-certified nurse practitioner, having undergone extensive training to ensure safe, seamless treatment. 

Our providers administer more than 1,500 botox injections for patients each year: Wrinkle treatment is their sole specialty.

Moreover, they’re here to make sure no question or concern goes unanswered. They are the hands and hearts of the operation!

Below are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind on both ends of your appointment. Each of them count toward making your treatment a seamless one!

What to do before the appointment

  • Come to your appointment well hydrated
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours before and after treatment
  • Also avoid over-the-counter blood thinners unless instructed by your doctor
  • Ice areas just prior to treatment (we keep ice packs handy)

What to do after treatment

  • Ice the area immediately post-treatment to reduce swelling
  • Use a natural remedy like arnica for any bruising
  • Postpone exercise for 24 hours following treatment
  • Avoid laying down at least 4 hours afterward

We could talk shop all day, honestly! But if you’re still wondering whether wrinkle relaxers are right for you, then it might be worthwhile to stop in! We keep consults complimentary for precisely this reason. At Peachy, we see a place for wrinkle prevention in everyone’s skincare routine – with or without preventative botox. We offer pressure-free guidance for each and every face we see. 

Moreover, our providers are here to address additional concerns around what botox does feel like and what to expect. From there they can help you decide what treatment, if any, is right for you!