With botox we want you to get the most out of every treatment! But we aren't only thinking about the results – here it's about safe, comfortable wrinkle prevention at every stage.

It all starts with a consultation – entirely complimentary – where you and your provider come together to find the treatment plan right for your complexion goals and the look you’re after.

Fun Fact: Our providers aren’t just functional experts – they’re great humans with clinical expertise and charm. Better yet? Wrinkle treatment is their sole specialty!

All providers are board-certified nurse practitioners, with a wealth of knowledge for treating wrinkles and a readiness to take on any question or concern along the way.

Ahead of your botox appointment

Along with meeting your complexion goals, we want your treatment experience to be a comfortable one. 

Unless your doctor has prescribed medication, we recommend staying off blood thinners (Advil, Ibuprofen and Aspirin included) while also avoiding alcohol at least 24 hours prior to treatment. Both will prevent the risk of bleeding or bruising in these areas.

If you’re sensitive to pain, you can certainly use an OTC topical numbing cream 30 minutes prior to your visit.

You can also ice your treatment areas ahead of time to further prevent bruising – we keep ice packs handy at our studios.

Aftercare & best practices

Immediately after your botox treatment

It’s ice, ice and more ice. Swelling, if any, is minimal and about as noticeable as a mosquito bite.

We’ve designed each Peachy studio with post-care ease in mind. Each location includes a refresh parlor, complete with seating, ample mirror space and complimentary soft drinks. 

After four hours

Avoid lying down completely flat, either on your back or side for at least four hours after botox. This prevents the treatment from migrating outside the targeted areas.

It’s a good idea to forego physical activity as well – vigorous exercise especially – as this can increase the risk of treatment spreading into unintended muscle groups.

As needed 

If you experience any bruising, you can use arnica. It’s a natural remedy to help reduce post-treatment pain and bruising. We offer arnica for clients in studio upon request. 

For any pain or swelling that occurs once you leave our studio, you can apply an ice pack to the treatment areas.

Then as soon as you feel comfortable, you can continue your normal skincare routine. 

A note on neighboring facial appointments: If you have a laser treatment or microdermabrasion appointment scheduled after your botox treatment, tell your provider. They will recommend the appropriate timeframe for certain services depending on your unique treatment plan.