Wrinkles. They’re small but mighty forces on a face. Yet when it comes to treating them, many believe that the only course of action is to refine, refine, refine until no lines remain. But is it? In this post we’ll look at one step before treatment we feel doesn’t get discussed enough: setting a refinement plan to complement your greater skincare goals.

The truth is, we think about complexion a bit differently at Peachy. Wrinkles aren’t defects, they’re a part of us. A natural extension of what it means to have skin to care for. 

We aren’t in the business of telling others how they should look either. Rather, skincare goals are like any life scenario where choice is involved – worthwhile decisions come with knowing the options.

And that’s why we’re here! Ensuring the faces we see leave our space not only empowered but better informed about the skincare they choose.

Knowing the solution

“Is this treatment right for the outcome I’m wanting?” 

Despite all the preventative blessings that botox offers – and there are many – our first priority is making sure clients get the care they need. 

Maybe it seems out of place for a brand to put their own service into question – so why do we do it? 

Much clarity has been lacking in the field of wrinkle prevention up to now. What counts as care, and just as importantly how that care is provided. People commonly think of botox and fillers as interchangeable solutions, for example, yet the difference couldn’t be greater

If long-term, preventative wrinkle care is the goal, then botox is likely your best bet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least understand that there are secondary options like fillers or skin resurfacing. 

Despite tending to be pricier and more invasive, there are alternatives in the marketplace of wrinkle treatment and people readily seek them out.

In the end, it’s about finding the treatment best suited to help you reach what you’ve come to achieve, setting the path, and then making the commitment to get there.

Foundational vs cosmetic care

Wrinkle relaxers are wonderful for keeping lines fewer and finer in the long run. They’re also very well understood clinically, thanks to decades of supporting research.

It isn’t only about utility though! 

For a lot of people, wrinkle relaxers are more naturally aligned with how they view complexion care. 

Unlike filler and makeup, you aren’t compensating for the presence of a line – you’re diminishing the wrinkle itself. With botox, you’re working with what you have and letting those parts shine.

At a moment where so many are rethinking norms tied to identity, expression, and self-care, it’s clear that authentic options are a growing and integral part of people adopting what’s personally right for them.

Finding what’s right for you

With botox, higher dosing means finer lines and more subtlety in expressions, whereas lighter dosing leaves more room for natural expression and lighter refinement. 

There is no universal idyll when treating wrinkles. So choosing which lines to refine and how much is part of the experience!

“Movement” is a useful metric if you aren’t sure how much refinement you should go for. After all, botox works by limiting the amount of muscle movement tied to wrinkling! 

From our experience, plenty of clients opt to go a bit lighter along the outer eye area since it ties in with the expression of their smile. Do you show surprise often? Depending on the need, it might mean electing for lighter treatment along the forehead. 

Speaking with a provider will be helpful for those new to wrinkle relaxers who are looking to know the options in a refinement plan before getting treatment.

Personalization matters

Botox isn’t one-size-fits-all. Line activity can vary a great deal from one complexion to the next, and that greatly impacts how your provider builds the treatment plan. 

For example, it’s completely natural for men to require more treatment since they tend to have more muscle mass across certain areas of the face. And just as common for people with various genetic backgrounds to be more or less prone to wrinkling.

The point is our faces are dynamic. And unique! So when you’re shopping for providers, it’s important to take time finding one who tailors dosing based on your own skin goals and priorities.

At Peachy, we want to learn everything we can about a complexion and the person behind it before we treat. That means asking about daily regimens at home, sensitivity in skin, etc. 

We also view wrinkle care in a way that providers haven’t up to now – through an analytical lens. We use predictive AI imaging to review all areas of the face. This ensures a complete and precise profile of your line activity and where we should focus treatment, if you do decide botox is right for you

Transparency matters

There’s nothing more personal than the care we give our face. So it’s essential that our provider of choice is one we can trust and feel comfortable in the care of.

Transparency has become increasingly important in skincare, which we’re meeting on several fronts at Peachy, starting with the price!

Many providers charge by the individual units a client needs or alternatively by assigning a price to arbitrary areas of the face, where botox hasn’t been proven to work.

At Peachy, we treat all three FDA-approved areas of the face for one set price – $425 every time. Why does this matter? 

  • It disincentivizes over-treatment attributable to per-unit pricing.
  • You know just how much you’re going to pay ahead of treatment.
  • It ensures consistent dosing and the look you want, each time.

Fixed-rate pricing at Peachy also ensures objective guidance from your provider, rather than an upsell. Our providers arrive board-certified with a sole focus in bringing wrinkle prevention goals to life for every face they see. 

We can honestly say – proudly and empirically – that we cater to every face we see, no matter how much or how little refinement you’re after!

If you’re unsure about a personalized refinement plan or whether botox is a good fit for you, consider coming by! We keep consultations free of cost for this very reason.

Consults at Peachy are pressure-free from start to finish and dedicated to finding the right level of refinement for your complexion.