Can men get Botox®?

It’s a question for which there are more than a few misconceptions in play. The fact is, the interest in wrinkle prevention among men has been trending ever upward over the last two decades. Demand in treatment having risen 182% since that time! 

Further, wrinkle treatment with botox remains the surest and safest way for men wanting to turn back the clock without undergoing more invasive procedures. 

So. What is botox exactly?

Through use and exposure, fine lines and wrinkles will gradually take form as your skin ages. Botox® is a brand of wrinkle relaxer (or “neuromodulator”) used to prevent and minimize the appearance of those wrinkles by relaxing specific muscles of the face.

Botox® is one of four FDA-approved neuromodulator varieties we use at Peachy. Others include Xeomin®, Dysport®, and Jeuveau®.

Tailoring treatment for men

One of the more commonly asked questions we get is whether men and women wrinkle the same and, in turn, how treatment needs line up.

As there are anatomical differences between the sexes, men do tend to require increased dosage to the areas being targeted. Much of this comes down to nuances – like unique cranial shapes between men and women, as well as men tending to have greater skeletal muscle mass, more vessels and blood flow across the face. 

While a higher dosage is typical in men, more units does not translate to the “freezing” of one’s facial muscles. It simply means more of the treatment is needed to relax muscles adequately to achieve the desired effect.

A side note on pricing: Conventional practices tend to price their service around individual units administered. This adds up quickly. At Peachy, we’ve modeled our treatment around equal flat-rate pricing, no matter your individual needs.

Botox safety

The FDA approved wrinkle relaxers for three discrete areas along the face: 

  • Frontalis muscle → “worry lines” across the forehead
  • Orbicularis oculi muscle → “crow’s feet” along the outer eye portions
  • Procerus and corrugator muscles → “frown lines” between eyebrows

It’s worth noting for botox, too, that since its 2002 approval for cosmetic use by the FDA, no long-term adverse health effects have been reported. The safety and efficacy of botox is the reason it’s one of the most popular wrinkle relaxer treatments for men on the market. 

Timing your treatment

Your twenties are a great age to start preventing wrinkles. Lines tend to be less established, making them more treatable.

However – while preventing deep-set, static wrinkles before they form is ideal, there is no magical window for taking up treatment. Quite the contrary! Those outside of this age group stand to see equally dramatic improvements to their complexion when it comes to botox.

With wrinkle prevention, now is always the right time.

Cost of botox for men

This is where treatment tends to get tricky. Just as there is no set formula for when to start treating wrinkles, botox pricing varies widely from practice to practice. We’re the exception.

Historically, wrinkle relaxers are priced per unit, which is often estimated. This leaves recipients either getting too much botox or not knowing just how much is owed until the treatment is complete.

We do things differently at Peachy. It’s part of our promise to bring transparent, quality care to an industry that hasn’t always been quite so open. With us, you’ll pay $425 for as many units as you need. And not just one part of the face but for all three FDA-approved areas

No pressure or surprises, just a personalized treatment plan based on your complexion goals. 

What men can expect after botox treatment

The best part about botox for men, besides the joy of a naturally freshened appearance, is that side effects are mild and dissipate quickly.

Common side effects after treatment include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Discomfort

These are eased with ice or Arnica, a natural remedy to help reduce post-treatment pain and bruising. You can expect side effects to disappear within a few hours.

Coming in? 

If you do decide treatment is the right step – which if so, go you! – we’ll pair you with a provider of your choice. They’ll be who you work with to make your complexion goals come to life.Fun fact: Our providers aren’t just functional experts – they’re great humans with clinical expertise and charm.

As nurse practitioners, each provider arrives highly-trained and licensed, with an exclusive focus on preventative botox. They keep sessions fun and informative, tailoring treatment to your goals for a look that is both naturally supple and remarkably you.