Botox For Men: Everything You Need To Know Before Your Appointment

By Peachy

“Men don’t need Botox!” 

“Botox is just for aging women!”

“Botox will make my face look frozen!”

These are a few of the common misconceptions about wrinkle relaxer treatments like Botox. In fact, Botox is a great way for men to turn back the clock without undergoing an invasive procedure.

When the natural ways to prevent aging – working out, eating right, and staying out of the sun – don’t work anymore and life takes a toll on your skin, it’s time to give it the boost it needs with Botox.

What is Botox

As you age and emote, fine lines and wrinkles form. Botox® is a brand of wrinkle relaxers (neuromodulators) used to prevent and minimize the appearance of those wrinkles. It works by allowing specific muscle groups to relax without changing their structure.

Botox is one of three other FDA-approved brands: Xeomin®, Dysport®, and Jeuveau®.

Botox for men's wrinkles

You may be wondering, “Do men wrinkle the same as women, thus requiring similar treatments?” The answer is not quite.

There are substantial facial anatomic differences between the sexes, with men having increased cranial size, unique cranial shape, greater skeletal muscle mass, higher density of facial blood vessels, and more-severe facial rhytides.

Because of these differences, men often require more units of Botox to achieve the same wrinkle-reducing effect as women. Although, more units doesn’t mean you end up with a frozen face. It simply means your facial muscles require a higher dose to relax, which prevents wrinkles from forming.

Botox Safety

The FDA approved Botox for treatment in three areas: in between the eyebrows (procerus and corrugator muscles), forehead (frontalis muscle) and crow’s feet (orbicularis oculi muscle). 

Since Botox has been used for cosmetic purposes, no long-term adverse effects have been reported. The safety and efficacy of Botox is the reason it’s one of the most popular wrinkle relaxer treatments for men on the market. 

When men should get Botox

You feel good about the science behind Botox for men. Now a looming question is when is the right time to get it? Do you have to wait until your wrinkles are pronounced to seek treatment?

Absolutely not! 

The most effective way to prevent deep-set, static wrinkles is to get Botox before dynamic wrinkles progress. This typically occurs between ages 25 to 30, but depends on a variety of factors.

Cost of Botox for Men

Just like when to seek treatment for your wrinkles is dependent on each individual, Botox pricing is notoriously varied. But Peachy is here to end that.

Wrinkle relaxer treatments are priced per unit, which is often estimated. This leaves you open to getting too much Botox or not knowing how much you owe until the treatment is complete.

With Peachy’s flat-rate pricing, you pay $375 for as many units as you need. No pressure or surprises, just a personalized treatment plan based on your movement goals. 

What men should expect after Botox treatment

The best part about Botox for men, besides the natural results, is that side effects are mild and dissipate quickly.

Common side effects after treatment include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Discomfort

These are eased with ice or Arnica, a natural remedy to help reduce post-treatment pain and bruising. You can expect side effects to disappear within a few hours.

How to find Botox treatment for men near you

You feel confident it’s the right time to get Botox. The only thing left to do is book an appointment at a skincare studio near you.

We recommend that you make sure your provider is specialized, board-certified, or licensed. Shady studios exist, so steer clear of them to avoid potentially dangerous side effects or unnecessary injuries.

Are you in the NYC area? Visit Peachy for clinical results without the clinical feel. If you believe you’ll be the only man in the studio getting Botox, think again.

Over 25% of Peachy’s clients are men just like you!

Plus, our providers are board-certified Nurse Practitioners. Whether it’s your first time or you’re coming back for a refresh, you know your skin is in safe hands.