An Approach to Botox Unlike Any Other

Medically Reviewed by Larisa Fridlyand, AGACNP-BC

Botox. When it comes to diminishing wrinkles and preventing them, no other treatment compares. That is, if you know where to get it. 

The reality is, managing wrinkles safely and effectively has historically been more complex than it should be. Much of the friction comes down to a) studios prioritizing treatment over solutions and b) a lack of clarity around pricing.

At Peachy, we’re changing wrinkle care in a big way, making treatment transparent and more approachable than it’s ever been. How?

Revolutionizing care (and pricing)

The standard model for wrinkle care until now has been pricing treatment by each unit of botox served. And with each botox injection priced between $15 and $20 (not including cost of service) treating wrinkles can get unaffordable fast.

Per-unit pricing is what’s always been done, and it’s problematic for two reasons: It incentivizes overtreatment and risks leaving you with a less natural look you may not want.

It’s a model we’ve done away with completely.

Rather than pricing treatment around the number of units your face needs, we provide full botox treatment to all three FDA-approved areas of the face for the flat-rate price of $425. No gimmicks, no additional costs.

Specialized for FDA-approved treatment

Botox injection sites and the treatment they require are a science. While other studios cater to a variety of areas across the face, we treat the areas proven to respond well to botox – where it’s guaranteed to be effective in preventing wrinkles.

And for good reason! As a neuromodulating protein, Botox® has been approved by the FDA for treating wrinkles at three discrete muscle areas along the face:

Frontalis muscle – “worry lines” across the forehead.

Orbicularis oculi muscle – “crow’s feet” along the outer eye portions.

Procerus and corrugator muscles – “frown lines” between eyebrows.

Safety and efficacy go hand-in-hand at Peachy, which is why we only apply botox to areas of the face where treatment is well studied and established by the FDA for safe use.

Scoped for long-term solutions

At Peachy we see skincare for the journey that it is! 

That means doing more than just treating wrinkles. It’s about preventing them! And it’s why we’ve built a whole focus around preventative skincare, incorporating prescription retinoids (key for collagen renewal) and daily SPF to keep skin safe from UV damage.

True treatment is central to the care equation at Peachy. We ensure each treatment, each product – and the care experience at large – ladders back into proven solutions. 

Founded on what works

Many practices offer an array of services, for the face and elsewhere, with some extending beyond the boundary of what’s guaranteed to work.Unfortunately where there are more services available, quality often comes at the expense of convenience. Treatment for treatment’s sake can easily leave providers spread too thin to guarantee remarkable results. More still is losing the focus for wrinkle treatment and the expertise that it requires.

At Peachy, we are obsessed with the prevention and treatment of wrinkles. From fine lines to deep-set wrinkles, we focus on one thing and do it very well.

Prioritizing top-quality care

What sets us apart from other studios? The care we put into selecting those who actually treat wrinkles! At Peachy, each provider arrives as a board-certified nurse practitioner. Wrinkles and fine lines are their sole specialty

They work alongside hundreds of clients and every skin type, administering more than 1,500 botox injections for men and women each year. 

You’ll pair with your provider to develop your own personalized treatment plan! Beyond clinical experts, our providers are some of the best humans we know!

See how we’re making wrinkle prevention more transparent and more affordable than it’s ever been.