Peachy's Approach to Botox Injections

By Peachy

So you want to know more about Botox injections? You’re in the right place.

It can feel confusing to navigate the science behind Botox, which is why you want answers to your burning questions like “What areas are safe to treat?” and “How much does it cost?”

Learn more about our approach to Botox as well as what to expect before (and after) your treatment.

Baby steps with your Botox

Many skincare studios price Botox injections by unit, which encourages you to go overboard. We go with  the “less is more” route, taking a gradual approach to help you achieve your desired results.

We dose conservatively and take baby steps so you get a more natural, wrinkle-free appearance. You can also get a touch-up appointment 2-3 weeks after your treatment, on us. We use this to place additional units and finesse your look to your liking.

Revolutionize Botox pricing

The best part? We don’t price depending on the number of units you need or the areas you want to treat. You pay $375 for the full Botox treatment (and the complimentary touch-up appointment!).

No upsells, extra charges, or hidden fees!

You get a personalized treatment plan, which includes four wrinkle relaxer options: Botox®, Xeomin®, Jeuveau®, or Dysport®. The next question is, what areas are you getting done?

We only inject in FDA approved areas

While other studios inject Botox in a wide variety of locations, we offer treatment in three FDA-approved areas on the face.

And for good reason! Botox® is only approved for three specific muscle groups – in between the eyebrows (procerus and corrugator muscles), forehead (frontalis muscle) and crow’s feet (orbicularis oculi muscle). 

Your safety and comfort is our priority, so we only want Botox to go where it’s been studied and found safe to go. 

Keep side effects to a minimum

We also want to keep your downtime post-treatment to a minimum. That’s why we empower you with knowledge during your complimentary consultation to help you prepare for your treatment and know what to expect after.

With that in mind, here are our recommendations for what to (and not to) do after you get your Botox injections.

What to do after Botox

Ice the targeted areas immediately after treatment. This reduces any swelling or “mosquito-like bumps” that may appear. In Peachy’s refresh area, you can get comfortable, grab a complimentary beverage, and apply an ice pack while you chill out.

Feel any pain or experience some bruising? While unlikely due to our method of dosing, you can use Arnica. It’s a natural remedy to help reduce both symptoms. P.S. You can ask us for this in our studio!

What not to do after Botox

You should talk to a provider about your unique situation, but there are a few common activities to avoid within the first 4 hours after you get Botox injections.

The first is lying down completely flat (either supine or prone). This prevents your Botox from spreading outside the targeted areas on your face you just treated. 

Next, avoid vigorous exercise for 12 hours. A lot of sweating and jumping around can slightly increase the risk of your Botox injections spreading into unintended muscle groups.

Additionally, limit alcohol or heavy drinking for 12 hours. The risk of bruising increases minimally when you consume alcohol too soon after treatment. 

Finally, avoid facials or facial procedures for 2 weeks after Botox treatment

Do you feel confident about the ins and outs of getting Botox injections now? We hope you do! The more you know, the less confusing and scary it is.

Stop by our studio today for your complimentary consultation with a Peachy Provider. Get your questions answered and feel comfortable knowing you have an expert to walk you through the entire process.