You got botox, well done! Beyond enjoying the results, now what? 

The treatment will go on working its magic between three and four months. By that time your body will have metabolized most of it and you’ll be ready for your next session. 

But what if you’re looking to prolong the effects? While you can’t change how your body metabolizes botox, there are certain practices in the day-to-day that will help preserve results in the long-term. 

Curbing age in skin

There are three main reasons wrinkles form: intrinsic aging (think genetics), sun exposure, and our lifestyle choices. While physiological aging is unavoidable, wrinkles brought on by the latter two can be prevented. 

Aging comes naturally as your body produces less collagen and elastin. Each gives structure in skin, with collagen aiding renewal and repair. The decrease in collagen levels in tandem with skin-straining movements of the face over time is what brings on wrinkles. 

Premature aging, by contrast, is a result of sun exposure or “photoaging.” This shows in the form of wrinkles, freckles, and hyperpigmentation. Smoking is another leading contributor to cell damage that increases collagen breakdown and signs of skin aging.

Preventing wrinkles without botox

Preventing wrinkles before they form is the best way to maintain a complexion. So how to do that?

Daily-use SPF – Sun exposure is responsible for 80% of facial aging. ​​One of the surest ways to keep wrinkles at a minimum is finding a quality sunscreen suited to your skin and wearing it every day. Premature aging from sun exposure can start to occur within 3–5 minutes of being in the sun, well before you’d notice a sunburn forming.

Tip: Daily isn’t seasonal, and neither is photodamage! Warm or cold, sunscreen is a year-round necessity for truly preventative skincare.

Broad-spectrum SPF is a great option to protect the delicate skin of the face from wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and texturing.

Don’t smoke – Simply put, our skin does not respond well to smoking. It deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients while also ramping up production of free radicals and enzymes that degrade collagen and elastin in the skin. Taken together, these accelerate premature aging that brings more pronounced wrinkling.

Prescription retinoids – Retinoids are a naturally occurring Vitamin A derivative that work within the skin to promote cell renewal and repair through collagen production. They are an essential for diminishing existing lines and preventing future ones from surfacing.

As an FDA-approved treatment, our formula works on a cellular level to counter physiological aging and reverse photodamage. It can also help to reduce acne while balancing tone and smoothing textured skin. At Peachy we use tretinoin, a time-tested retinoid available in four prescription strengths. 

Mind your facial movements Our faces undergo plenty of activity over the course of a day, which leads to wrinkling you may not notice happening. Note which practices and expressions cause wrinkling in skin and adjust accordingly. Do you frown or raise your brows often? Frequent squinting might mean it’s time for a vision checkup, for example, while careful handling of delicate skin around the eyes will help limit further strain.

Botox works by allowing specific muscle groups to relax without changing their structure. Yet  managing voluntary movement, to prevent strain in the first place, is an equally invaluable way to prevent wrinkling in skin.

5 solutions for lasting botox results

1 | Seek out expertise

While everyone loves a deal, you want peace of mind knowing what you’re getting with treatment is nothing less than the top quality of care your face deserves.

At Peachy, the only people touching faces are our providers. Each arrives as a board-certified nurse practitioner, having undergone extensive training to ensure safe, seamless treatment. 

Fun fact: Our providers administer more than 1,500 client injections each year – wrinkle treatment is their sole specialty.

Moreover, they’re here to make sure no question or concern goes unanswered. They are the hands and hearts of the operation!

2 | Stay out of the sun and use SPF

UV rays have a detrimental effect on skin. Limit daily exposure with broad-spectrum sunscreen, wearing protective clothing and accessories (like an umbrella!), and staying out of the sun when possible. These practices all work in tandem with botox to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3 | Make room for collagen care

Topical retinoids are an invaluable addition to any skincare routine. Retinoids like tretinoin promote cell turnover and collagen growth within skin while simultaneously curbing collagen and elastin breakdown. This means finer lines and fewer of them – and like botox there’s a wealth of research backing the effectiveness and safety of FDA-approved retinoids.

4 | Keep botox from migrating

Following treatment, you’ll want to avoid lying down for at least 4 hours, and exercise for the next 12 hours. Doing either may put botox at risk of migrating outside the targeted muscle groups, reducing its effectiveness.

5 | Time your treatments

The body takes an average of three to four months to fully metabolize treatment before needing a refresh. Regular cadencing with botox maintains the life of your results and ensures you aren’t reverting to facial movements that promote wrinkling in the first place. 

Adding to all the other reasons to remedy wrinkles at Peachy (and there are plenty), we give you the option of setting future appointments – so that coming in for botox is as painless as getting it. 

The three FDA-approved muscle groups we specialize in:

Frontalis muscle – “worry lines” across the forehead.

Orbicularis oculi muscle – “crow’s feet” along the outer eye portions.

Procerus and corrugator muscles – “frown lines” between eyebrows.

These are the most closely studied areas of the face for botox and proven to respond well to it.

We set the price at $425 for your ideal dose across all three treatment areas. 

Want a second opinion? We keep consults cost-free at Peachy for precisely this reason. Come by and see how botox might fit in your complexion goals – we’d love to see your face!