Ever wondered about those lines showing between the eyebrows? Or why they’re more dramatically there when you scrunch your brow? 

These are your frown lines, or “elevens,” and they’re a byproduct of two complex facial muscles known as the procerus-corrugator muscle group.

How do they form? Like any other wrinkle or line, they surface over time as your complexion matures. Our focus at Peachy is giving people a choice in defining their complexion by limiting exposure linked to wrinkles (looking at you, UV rays).

Two types of wrinkling

Treating lines between the eyebrows, and elsewhere, begins with understanding the type of wrinkles you’re seeing and where.

When it comes to wrinkles, there are two forms: dynamic and static

Dynamic lines are the ones that come with movement or facial postures but then fade afterward. They stem from a gradual loss of elasticity in skin through repeated, day-to-day muscle movement.

Squinting, showing surprise, and simply enjoying life through expression are all common contributors.

Static wrinkles instead show even when the face is at rest. They start out as dynamic lines, then deepen over time as elastin and collagen break down in skin. Leaving wrinkles untreated isn’t the only cause either. Other contributors include genetics, diet, smoking, and sun exposure.

Managing frown lines

How to get rid of lines between eyebrows will depend on a few individual factors. First, the extent of line activity you’re seeing in the area and, second, what solutions you’re comfortable with.

Diminish frown lines with botox

When it comes to the best possible treatment for deep frown lines between the eyebrows, botox is a top contender – both in effectiveness and safety.

Botox works beneath the skin, where treatment targets those muscles tied to wrinkling. Botox doesn’t inhibit the muscle entirely but instead helps them to contract less with use! 

This act of “relaxing” the muscles or muscle group is what effectively diminishes strains in skin, giving your face that supple yet naturally refined look, without altering one’s actual appearance.

Reverse frown lines with retinoids

Boosting collagen production is another strategy to get rid of lines between the eyebrows. Better yet, it’s one you can do alongside botox. As one of the body’s most essential proteins, collagen does just about everything. It aids bone structure, shields delicate organs, and is essential for renewing and repairing skin at the cellular level. 

The body produces increasingly less collagen as we age. In turn, this means less structure for skin, leaving it more prone to wrinkling. By rebuilding collagen between the eyebrows and elsewhere, a person can greatly reverse the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles.

Protect skin with daily-use SPF

Believe it or not, UV exposure is a major contributor to damage in skin. As much as 80% of facial aging is tied to photodamage from the sun! It makes pigmentation patchy and uneven, promotes sunspots, and roughens texture.

Moreover, UV exposure stimulates those proteins responsible for collagen breakdown. Over time, this leads to less elasticity in skin, which in turn means more pronounced wrinkles. 

Consistent, daily use of broad-spectrum sunscreen is one of the best methods for keeping sun away from skin before it causes damage in the first place. In this way, prevention really is the best medicine! 

When to start treating frown lines with botox

Deciding when to start treating frown lines is going to vary from person to person. Some may have very little wrinkling and may not see a need to treat immediately. 

Others may view it as the right time to start keeping lines in check while preventing others from surfacing. 

Others still may have plenty of wrinkles and feel perfectly content about it!

Most important is having the choice and comfort in the decisions you make in caring for your skin. It is your skin after all! And while there isn’t any universally “right” time or circumstance to start botox, there are common factors to be mindful of:

  • Whether your existing lines are dynamic or static
  • If you’re looking to prevent wrinkles before they form

Cadencing treatment

It’s important to understand that the effects of botox will naturally diminish over time as it gets metabolized. That’s why consistent treatment over time is essential to prevent existing lines from progressing, while keeping new ones from forming.

While timing will vary from person to person, the recommended frequency for getting botox is every three to four months.

Routine doesn’t mean expensive

Botox isn’t costly by definition. The reality is that affordability, or lack of it, will vary between providers – and price structuring is a big part of it. 

More conventional providers will often base the cost of service on the number of individual botox units administered, a practice more common in doctors offices and med spas

Unfortunately, this also incentivizes a provider to administer more than you’d need. This leaves you at risk of leaving with a look you weren’t wanting, and a price well above what you were planning to pay.

We’re different

At Peachy, we’ve priced botox more purposefully – $425 for your ideal dose, for all 3 FDA-approved areas of the face. No catches, no secondary expense.

We’re radically transparent – Transparency has been a major sticking point in wrinkle treatment, due in large part to per-unit pricing that practices commonly use. By setting the price at $425, we’re ensuring you get the dose you need for the look you want.

We’re forward thinking – Where other providers see skin, we see complexion goals. For us it’s not just about treating wrinkles. It’s about preventing them! At Peachy we’ve built an entire strategy around long-term wrinkle care, pairing preventative botox with prescription retinoids and daily-use SPF.

We don’t rely on guesswork – We bring a data-driven mindset to everything we do. From state-of-the-art wrinkle analysis powered by AI to focusing on the three FDA-approved areas of the face – areas known to respond well to botox.

Peachy operates on a teach-first model. Why? So that you’re not only informed but confident in the choices you make in your skin’s care. 

Here you’ll work firsthand with your very own provider to discuss your skin’s needs and complexion goals.

Each provider at Peachy arrives as a board-certified nurse practitioner with an exclusive focus on treating and preventing wrinkles. They work with every face and skin type under the sun, administering more than 1,500 botox injections each year. 

Beyond clinical experts, our providers are some of the best humans we know!

At Peachy, we see a place for wrinkle prevention in everyone’s skincare routine – whether you’re looking to get rid of lines between the eyebrows or beyond.

If you’re still on the fence about preventative botox, consider coming by! We keep consults complimentary for precisely this reason. We keep appointments pressure-free and focused on the goals you’ve set for your skin, so that you can decide what treatment, if any, is right for you.