Not to be confused with nasolabial folds, or wrinkles around the mouth – smile lines around the eyes are among the most prevalent forms of wrinkling. Thinner skin around this area of the face also tends to make the lines we endearingly call our “crow’s feet” more apparent and prone to surfacing sooner.

Here we’ll look at why wrinkles around the eyes are “a thing” as well as how they advance and what can be done to keep them in check over time.

The why behind crow’s feet

In many ways, these lines stem from a complex facial muscle known as the orbicularis oculi, which we use to squint and shut our eyes. When activated, this muscle tightens around the eye, pulling the skin forward to give those characteristic furrows along the outer areas of the eyelid.

When do these lines appear? There’s no universal age, but most people will notice an uptick in wrinkling around the eyes between their mid-20s and 30s. It’s also important to know (and maybe even a little reassuring?) that wrinkles aren’t a byproduct of misfortune or chance. 

Wrinkles happen for a reason. Several well-known reasons in fact – which is why understanding what causes them is the very first step in preventing them. Intrinsic and lifestyle-based factors for wrinkles around the eyes include:

  • Family genetics
  • Diet and hydration
  • Smoking status
  • Skincare regimens
  • Sun exposure

Why wrinkles deepen over time

Lifestyle isn’t the only contributor category for wrinkles. New lines surface and existing ones advance simply through using our face each day. When we’re eating, when we’re making expressions – muscle movements tied to these functions naturally manipulate the skin above, causing it to gradually lose mass and elasticity. 

This breakdown of skin and support tissue beneath is what causes impressions in skin to deepen, and consequently what we’ve set out to remedy at Peachy.

Dynamic vs. static lines

It also helps to know what form of wrinkling you might have, as there are two kinds! Some may surface around the eyes when smiling, or with other expressions, then seemingly vanish when the face is at rest. These are known as your “dynamic” lines.

Then there are the second kind, the ones that show with or without expression, rain or shine. These are your “static” lines, which show more dramatically during expression and while the face is at rest. 

Countering smile wrinkles around the eyes

Maybe it seems out of place for a company with a core focus in preventative botox to also be sharing alternatives. We don’t think it is! While botox can effectively take years off a look, the reality is that it may not be a first pick for everyone. 

And it doesn’t have to be! The beauty of complexion is that everyone has their own – and gets to own their individuality based on how they balance refinement and maturation in skin. 

Limit time outside – It’s the best way to keep exposure to a minimum. Does it mean going out only under the protection of night? Of course not! UV exposure is a natural part of living in the day-to-day. That said, prevention is the single best method to keep fine lines in check for years to come. 

Make your own shade – Some days are just going to be unbearably sunny, and it can pay to be proactive with managing UV exposure when this is the case. Umbrellas, wide-framed sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats or caps, and long-sleeve shirts are all fantastic options to keep the sun off your skin.

Go broad-spectrum – One of the surest ways to keep wrinkles at bay is to find a quality SPF suited to your skin and wear it daily. Photodamage from the sun begins within 3–5 minutes of being in the sun – cloudy days included!

Restore collagen – It’s the primary building block in skin which we lose as we age. Prescription retinoids are a potent vitamin A derivative – a night cream – that boosts collagen production and reverses fine lines. Like our mineral sunscreens, prescription retinoids come carefully studied and empirically proven to work, and work well.

Diminish with botox – Wrinkle relaxers differ from more invasive measures and less established “care hacks” in the best of ways. Safety, wear time, ease of treatment, and decades of research affirming its effectiveness are what makes botox the preventative gem that it is.

If you’re unsure about what botox can do for your complexion goals, or any other questions on  preventing smile lines around the eyes, consider coming by! We keep consults complimentary and pressure-free for precisely this reason.

We’re different

At Peachy, we operate on a fixed-rate pricing model for botox: $425 for all 3 FDA-approved botox areas, with consults on us.

We keep consultations focused on your complexion and the goals you’ve set for it. Whether you’re on the fence about botox or you’ve got your thumb on the booking button, we’d love to see your face.