Fixed Pricing for Comprehensive Treatment

At Peachy, the cost of Botox is set at a flat rate of $425, covering all treatments within the FDA-approved areas—forehead lines, crow's feet, and between the eyebrows. This price strategy eliminates surprises and ensures that the focus remains on achieving your skincare goals rather than on the cost.

Why Peachy Chooses One Price for All

Peachy adopts a unique pricing model where the entire Botox treatment costs $425, regardless of the number of units or areas treated. This approach is designed to make Botox both affordable and predictable, steering clear of the common practice of charging per unit, which can lead to unforeseen expenses and potential overtreatment.

Benefits of Peachy’s Flat-Rate Botox

The flat-rate pricing model at Peachy not only simplifies budgeting for clients but also enhances the treatment experience. It allows for a more holistic approach to treating wrinkles without the pressure of additional costs. This method ensures that treatments are administered with the client's best interest in mind, focusing solely on the desired outcomes.

What Does the $425 Cover?

The $425 fee at Peachy includes a comprehensive treatment plan that targets three key areas approved by the FDA for Botox treatment: the frontalis, orbicularis oculi, and procerus and corrugator muscles. This inclusive cost covers the entire procedure with no hidden fees, ensuring transparency and trust between the client and provider.

Additional Services and Expertise at Peachy

Beyond just Botox, Peachy is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to skincare, which includes preventative treatments and a focus on long-term skincare goals. The clinic's experts are highly trained in administering Botox and provide personalized care to ensure optimal results that align with the client’s facial aesthetics and expression.

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